Private Wealth Focus

Complex wealth management challenges require elevated services and capabilities
Dee Warner and David Hood have both earned the title of Private Wealth Financial Advisor, meaning they work with sophisticated clients with highly complex and demanding wealth management needs. To adequately address the full spectrum of challenges faced by those with significant wealth, they coordinate with a team of specialized professionals and leverage the vast resources of Wells Fargo & Company.

They are committed to a comprehensive, personal approach to serving high-net-worth individuals, families, foundations, and institutions. They work with Wells Fargo Bank specialists to provide our clients with access to guidance across many aspects of wealth planning.

Leveraging a team approach to serving clients

Our experience has shown the myriad ways to manage significant wealth can exceed the knowledge base of one financial advisor. That’s why we embrace the value of a team approach to address every client’s unique challenges and opportunities.

The Value of Working with a Private Wealth Financial Advisor
  • We work with a limited number of clients with comprehensive wealth needs
  • We leverage access to resources and knowledge on behalf of our clients from across Wells Fargo Bank
  • We coordinate with our clients’ other professional advisors to help ensure our wealth plan is cohesive
  • We’re committed to continually evolving our skills and knowledge
  • We take a multi-generational approach to wealth management, serving client families for decades

Putting your family F.I.R.S.T.

Faith, Integrity, Respect, Service, Trust

These values influence the way we approach your wealth and your family. Significant wealth can introduce complex, multi-generational issues for our clients. That’s why we’re passionate about helping you and your family with financial literacy, creating a “family mission statement,” and walking with you through major life changes. 

Contact us to find out if working with a Private Wealth Financial Advisor is right for you.